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Hayden Acupuncture &
Wellness Center

By Lynette Carrington, writer for The View - Las Sendas


At Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness Center, Mindy Hayden RN, LAc and Tana Elliott, Life and Wellness Coach, offer a wide range of modalities to support people in their healing and growth process. Services offered include Life and Wellness Coaching, Energy & Chakra Healing, Integrative Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP, and Aromatherapy and Bach Remedies, Acupuncture & Chinese herbs, needleless Acupuncture, and laser therapy,


What makes their center different in the field of holistic health care is their integrated approach. They practice an exceptional array of healing modalities that include both ancient traditional methods and cutting-edge technology. For example, they now offer the Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging System, which is a computerized tool used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians. It provides a detailed and efficient exam, with intelligent analysis in a graph format that the patient can actually see and understand, then take the information home with them. It also allows Mindy Hayden, the acupuncturist, to easily track a patient’s progress. They also provide needleless acupuncture for those people that are ‘needle phobic’ and for children who don't want to get stuck with a needle. In addition, they can use laser therapy for pain and inflammation, which is a completely painless treatment. Now, there is no longer an excuse not to get Acupuncture.


“We see a lot of patients looking for pain relief. These people are usually told that surgery is their only option, or they are told, ‘just live with it’. We provide them with pain relief, a higher quality of life, and frequently the ability to reduce or eliminate their pain medications,” stated Mindy Hayden.


On a different aspect of life and health care, Tana Elliott, life coach and energy healer, addresses people’s concerns using a unique and individualized approach. Tana works together with the client to examine the places in their life or body that feel out of balance or less-than-ideal, then designs a customized treatment plan to return their life to balance, with ongoing strategies to help them live life less stressfully and more successfully. Tana will help bridge the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be, and facilitate your journey there with support, motivation and information.


The staff at Hayden Acupuncture is deeply devoted to what they do in support of their clients in their lives and health. “We also love our new office location; it is beautiful, peaceful, relaxing, and, we are always told it smells really good (that would be the Aromatherapy!),” Tana Elliott said.


Visit Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness at 6239 E. Brown Rd, Suite 118 (east of Recker). For additional information, call 480-734-5484 or

Published March, 2013


By Tana Elliott

The Oxford American dictionary I consulted (who can you trust if not your dictionary?) had these two interesting things to say about balance:


*off balance – in danger of falling

*on balance – taking everything into consideration


I don’t know about you but when I ponder the extreme difference in these 2 definitions I have a powerful reaction. And then if I imagine a visual image to go with each one, it looks like this; I could either be at risk of falling (ouch) or I could be calmly making choices based on the deliberate reflection of what’s in the best interest of my health and all the parts of my life (yea!).



Okay, so how do you know if your life is off balance or on balance, or somewhere in between?

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"In 1990, I was bedridden with a serious back injury, a herniated disc. My doctors wanted me to have surgery, but I wanted to give my body a chance to heal itself, so I decided to try alternative therapy. During my course of treatment with Tana, my body became stronger and more flexible, and regained its mobility and strength.
One focus of the healing work that Tana and I did dealt with releasing emotional issues that were stored in my body. A great deal of anger, fear and pain were cleared up in the course of our sessions.
   As a result I successfully avoided surgery and I am now productive and working again.

I highly recommend Tana for anyone who wants support for healing or change."





                    ~Patricia S., Santa Barbara, CA


"Tana has been a blessing in my life. I have been seeing her for over 4 years off and on now. Whenever I need her, she is there to give me positive support and a lifetime of wisdom I can use to get me through the rough times. I appreciate her and definitely recommend choosing Tana as your Life Coach :)

No doubt"





~Stacy B., Chandler, AZ

"Tana is thoughtful, patient, and an incredible coach. She is one of those rare people who is perceptive, insightful and easy to build a rapport with. She was truly born to do this work, as she is an incredibly compassionate person, and a highly skilled coach. Tana has helped me to restore my self-confidence and "positivity" on numerous occasions and to realize that I DO have wonderful qualities which help me to contribute to the world I live in. I appreciated her holistic and practical approach, which helped me gain clarity about my goals and create a game plan to achieve them. She made the coaching process a useful, eye-opening and even fun experience. Sessions with Tana always leave me with a sense of forward momentum infused with a peaceful acceptance of who I am. If you are looking for someone to help you tackle life's daily challenges and transform yourself into the person you envision, look no further."





~Ashley K., Mesa, AZ


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