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I believe everyone deserves to have the life they want, a life they love, and a life that gives them the joy and satisfaction they deserve, and I'm here to help them get it! 


   Most people will tell you their personal and professional lives are completely separate. That's not true for me - my personal, "at home" life supports and nurtures me in having the energy and desire to do what I do, just as my clients and my work life keep me inspired and dedicated to be healthy and continue following my path.

   Working and playing in the garden, growing my herbs and vegetables; creating delicious, healthy meals with my harvest, makes me enthusiastic to teach my clients about the impact what you eat has on your health and healing.

   And taking care of all the animals I love and serving them (or rescuing them), and the people that allow me to support and assist them in their healing and growth keeps me motivated to be the best person and most talented life coach and healer I can be.

Tana Elliott

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Cranial Sacral Therapist

Master Level Energy Healer

Personal Chef

Certified Master Level Hypnotherapy & NLP

Creator of Integrative Field Therapy


Founder & President, WholeBody Therapy & Life Coaching

1987 - Graduate, Santa Barbara School of Intuitive Massage, Certified Massage Therapist

1988 - Graduate, Santa Barbara School of Intuitive Massage, Unfolding Program

1989 - Advanced Energy Healing Program with renowned energy healing master Anne Parks

1994 - Launched Healing Aromatics, an Aromatherapy company specializing in highly therapeutic essential oil blends for your health, well-being and pleasure

1995 - Co-Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Certification

1998 to 2003 - Program Director for Intuitive & Energetic Studies 

at Kali Institute in Ventura, CA (Tana developed and taught the 100-hour advanced practitioner program; designed for health care practitioners to develop or deepen their intuitive skill, learn the mechanics of energetic healing, and explore how the body's energy systems affect health on all levels. She also taught Aromatherapy classes at the institute).

2003 - Joined Hayden Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Mesa, AZ

2011 - Certified Master Gardener, Maricopa Co.

2013 - Advanced Certification, Health & Wellness Coach, International Assoc. of Wellness Professionals and Certified

'Get Real Plan' Leader

2016 - Cranial Sacral Therapy Training & Certification

Tana Elliott, at home​...

Gourmet cook and avid cooking student

Organic gardener -

>herbs, vegetables and flowers – love to grow my own food

and then make delicious things with it, and cook wonderful meals for friends

Wine group leader and wine lover

Animal lover and rescuer – have several cats, (and that's just

inside the house), many beloved animal friends outside

>active in Trap Neuter Return Program for feral cats

Writer - writes poetry, blogs, and informative articles


  "I have referred many of my patients to Tana Elliott. She is very good at helping people who are stagnant in their personal life, career or business and just not sure what direction they need to head next. She has the ability to help them put things into perspective and determine what their real priorities are. She is able to give that gentle push most of us need from time to time to get people back on their true life path."






~Mindy Hayden RN LAc    

Tana has been my life coach and energy worker for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze me with her new insights and knowledge on how to help me in my world. I started coming to her for help on a relationship and even after I worked through that I kept coming because "there's always something I want to work on". Tana is a great therapist because she's 100% present with you, will ask you insightful and significant questions but will then let you come to your own conclusions and she is a powerful energy worker. She helps balance me and gives me intuitive insight that I'm overlooking as well as helpful homework to keep me in check. I thoroughly enjoy working with Tana and highly recommend her.





                ~Megan P., Ahwatukee   

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